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Protect your Privacy and Identity

Just a reminder to be vigilant these days when it comes to safeguarding your identity and financial information. Tech support scams are very common. They usually occur when a web page pops up on your screen with some scary (fake) warnings along with a telephone number to call. Don’t call this number! They will attempt to get on your computer and scam you for money. If you have to, turn your computer off by holding in the power button and then restart. I have attached a sample screen shot of a typical tech support scam attempt.

Phishing scams are also common. A recent ploy is to send you an email saying that either you need to confirm your information to avoid having your account locked, or that you have been charged for something you did not purchase. In the latter case, they will try to get you to “confirm” your payment info so they can cancel the order, and then use that information to post charges to your account. If you believe you have been the victim of a scam or you just have questions about protecting yourself from them, give us a call at 480 888 5040.